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Whisky Tours

You can't simply ignore the world of Scotch whisky during your visit to Scotland. There are full of dramatic stories packed in this golden water called Aqua Vitae (Water of Life), first recorded in 1494 at Lindores Abbey in Scotland. 

More than 130 active distilleries spread throughout 5 whisky regions of Scotland. Every one of them has their own way to transform barley grown out in the field into their unique special spirit. In order to claim it as Scotch whisky, the spirit must be matured in oak casks for at least 3 years. If the casks leave the Scottish soil, they will lose the title, "Scotch".  If you compare whisky regulations with those in other countries, you will know how strict the definition of Scotch whisky is. 

Many of these distilleries are offering distillery tours including tastings. Visit a place, learn how whisky is made, taste Scotland's national drink. Tell us your love for whisky and Miki, also a Whisky Ambassador, will arrange the best tour only for you.  


Sample Tour 1 

Islay... Scotch whisky lovers' favourite (2-3 Days)

This peaty land makes you feel like entering another world in a different space and time. There are currently 9 distilleries in Islay . Whisky literally makes everything go around here. Are you keen on handfill bottles, warehouse experience, and malting process? Ask us! 

While hopping around all the distilleries, you are enlightened with stories like Lords of Isles, Celtic  and/or Transatrantic connections. Use all the senses to aborb the view of landscape and feel the wind and the pouring rain (!) as geology is also an essential element of whisky production.  

Meet the locals, appreciate their kindess and friendly smile. Go for a drink and you're greeted like their neighbours. Have some famous oysters with a few drops of Bowmore 12 years old by the seaside... we guarantee this experience will blow your mind away. 

We are happy to book distillery tours, accommdation and transport. 


Sample Tour 2

Speyside,  Discovering Secrets of famous Scotch Whisky  (2-3 Days) 

Out of approx. 130 distilleries in Scotland, about 30 of them are concentrated in this particular area in the Highlands. Speyside will take you back to the time when Scotland used to conduct the illicit distilling and the smuggling of whisky mainly due to unreasonably high tax imposed by the government. Distilleries were hidden in the woods as there were no proper roads like modern days. 

Macallan, Glenlivit, Glenfiddich, Glen Garioch, Glen Moray, Benmorach, Ballindalloch, Glen Grant, Tamdhu... so many popular names belong here. It is also best to go on a cooperage tour where you can learn how important part casks play to make Scotch whisky. There is also a legendary bar nearby, the place all the whisky fans dream to visit once in a lifetime.  

All these places are extremely popular so it is the best to book in advance. 


Half Day or One Day Trip? No Problem! 

Departing from Edinburgh or Glasgow, we can arrange a whisky tour! 

We can arrange a whisky tour, visiting 2-3 distilleries in a day departing from Edinburgh or Glasgow. There are many old and brand new distilleries to explore!


We will reply to your enquiry within 2 working days.


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