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Walking Tours 

Full of Furprises & Hidden Gems

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If you would like our walking tour to suit your time schedule or preferred interest, please contact us to arrange a private tour.

Here are some examples you would like when you book our private walking tour. In addition to our popular comprehensive film/literature/art/cutlutre tour, we are also doing...

1) An alternative city walk with dark hidden history 

2) Edinburgh through an immigrant eye. 

3) Scottish Connection: Japan

4) Famous Scottish Women Who Changed the World  

5) We also do walking tours in Glasgow and other cities/towns in Scotland! 

6) Anything else you can think of! 

We will do our best to accommodate your needs


Sample Tour 1

Do you want to see the city differently from the image you have? 

Grisly Glasgow

Take a walk through the dark underside of Glasgows history and character. The city has had more than its fair share of terrible crimes, a particular fondness for poison, bloody violence and murder, gruesome public executions, graverobbing...Meandering through the city streets we will hear tales of all these things and more.

Glasgow, City of Culture

Glasgow has had a huge influence on music, art, drama, literature and film and tv not just in Scotland but on a world stage. The cultural heritage of our city is incredible, stroll through the city to hear about how our artists influenced iconic art and design movements, see where world famous musicians and performers started stellar careers and visit where films and TV shows have used the incredible architecture as a backdrop.


Sample Tour 2 

Here is one of many examples how Scotland enlightened the world. 

Scottish Connection - Japan- 

From the mid to the late 1800s, Japan went through a big change politically, socially and technologically. They opened the door to the world and went to a study trip to America and Europe, while inviting all the brainers to their country. They employed such talents as Oyatoi Gaijin to build a new Japan. Many Scottish people helped the modernisation of this country.  Walking through the city of Edinburgh*, the tour will show you how influencial Scotland has been, particularly the civil technology and advanced thinking to lead the world.  

*  We can also do Glasgow and Aberdeen.  


We will reply to your enquiry within 2 working days.


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