Edinburgh Private Walking Tour


Duration : 2 hours ~4 hours


Meeting Point: In front of St. Giles Cathedral

Price:  170 pounds (up to 4 hours) for up to 10 people. 

Date and time: Please book your preferred date and time by calling us to +44 (0)7508785511 (English) or e-mail to contact@geeksguidetoscotland.com  

*Please ask for a quote if the number of people are more than 10.

*Please allow the maximum of 48 hours time to reply to your enquiry. If you do not hear from us within 48 hours, please contact us again.

Much more than hunting filming locations …

Visiting film locations and writers haunts, we explore why Edinburgh is such a cultural hub and its connection to some of the most famous stories of all time. We will also experience the essence of Edinburgh by visiting iconic film locations. Highlights of your tour may include:

• Harry Potter – visit his true birthplace. Clue: it’s not where they claim.

• Trainspotting – see key locations from the book and movie. Meeting Begbie – not guaranteed (thankfully).

• James Bond – what did Sean Connery do before he became 007? We’ll tell you and show you where.

• Braveheart – where did this story come from? It’s a rather embarrassing tale…

• Sherlock Holmes – find out about his creator’s more macabre interests.

• The most filmed place in Edinburgh – we’ll take you to it and it’s not the Castle!

All this and more!

PLEASE NOTE: Edinburgh is said to be built on seven hills and no one can avoid steep streets and steps, especially in the centre! Our well planned route is walking friendly, yet there are still mild steps and slopes on the way.

If you are not confident about walking up and down for 1 hour approx. without a break, please do contact us. We will design a route to meet your special requirements. We will make sure that you can enjoy our tour happily and comfortably.

We would like to make our tours available for all kinds of people, including elders,  families with young children and people with mobility issues.