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We're Good to Go!

We are pleased to announce that we have obtained We're Good to Go! Industry Standard Mark.


What is about? 

This is a self-assessment scheme designed by Visit England in partnership with tourist organisations such as Visit Scotland, Visit Wales and Tourism Northern Ireland to provide the ring of confidence for all sectors of the tourism industry, as well as the insurance to visitors that businesses have clear processes in places and are following industry and the government Covid-19 guidances on cleanliness and social distancing.

As the situation changes from time to time, we are kept informed on any changes in guidance that our business needs to address accordingly.

We are promoting Scotland, showing you a number of ways to enjoy this country while ensuring we are all following the official safety guidance. 


Check beforehand

we make sure no one in our tours has Covid-19 symptoms


Keep social distancing and cleaniless 

we keep physical distancing, wear face masks when required, using audio guiding apps like Vox, Guide FM or Tripi to ensure we follow guidelines on social distancing.


Keep clean

we regularly use hand sanitiser and wash our hands frequently.


Keep an eye on the Scotish Outdoor Access Code

We keep checking the Scottish Outdoor Access Code.


We are ready to offer you a range of our services.
We look forward to seeing you soon!


Phone: +44 (0) 7508 785511           

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